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Employment Screening Services
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Employment Screening
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Drug Screening

More and more, Employment screening or background chack companies are recognizing the value of Drug Screening--both on new hires and on existing employees. By maintaining a drug-free workplace, your company can improve safety, reduce downtime, increase security and alleviate 'shrinkage'.


One of the most useful tools to emerge in the Drug Testing scene in recent years is E-Screen. E-Screen provides:

  • Thousands of collection sites nationwide.
  • A reliable web-based method for setting up collections. In addition to the traditional hard copy documents, E-Screen also includes the ability to e-mail the required paperwork to the donor, saving time and money on postage and overnight delivery charges.
  • Recruiters can receive e-mails at the time the collection is made, when the time period designated by the recruiter for collection has elapsed without a collection and/or at a specified time  before the designated  period ends. By monitoring the collection process, you can be sure that that your new hire will be ready to go when you are!
  • Results back in less than 2 hours after the collection is taken on samples that show no drug use. Of course, samples that are not completely clear must still go to a laboratory for further testing. Even on those rare occasions, E-Screen's laboratories and MRO (Medical Review Officer) do a spectacular job in reporting out quickly and clearly.
  • Your results are incorporated into the employment background Screening report, and you reduce the number of invoices you receive. The Source takes care of all the administration of your E-Screen account.

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