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Background Checks InvestigationThe Source: Personnel Information offers a wide variety of background check services that will allow you to hire with confidence It isn't necessary--and may in fact be overly intrusive--to run all types of available searches on an applicant, or even to run the same checks on all of your applicants. A better solution is to create custom testing levels for various job responsibilities. The Source has the experience to help you tailor your services to insure an affordable, thorough and relevant Background Checks. Here are some of the important features of employment screening services that The Source: Personnel Information Service provides


Criminal Background Check

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Employment Verification

Previous employers are tremendously valuable sources for information on a candidate. Our basic Employment Verification includes:

  • Dates Employed
  • Position
  • Compensation
  • Re-Hire Status

In addition, we can help you develop a custom set of up to 10 Reference questions. The answers to these questions will provide vital insight into your candidate's work habits!


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Education Verification

The most common level of Education Verification is last or highest degree -- only the highest awarded degree is verified. In the event that the applicant has not received an advanced degree, the client can choose between a high school diploma/GED verification or verification of most recent college or university attendance. We verify as much of the following information as the school will provide:

  • Dates of Attendance
  • Degree received (if applicable) and any honors attained
  • Name of the verifying party and their position
  • Grade Point Average

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Credit Check

The Employment Credit report is exactly what it says--an employment-related credit history report. This particular report can be used for employment purposes only, and protects the privacy and security of the applicant by eliminating account numbers of credit cards and other credit accounts. The Employment Credit report is an extremely useful instrument for a number of reasons.

  • First, the Employment Credit Report provides the applicants' credit history.
  • Second, the Employment Credit report may reveal the names of employers that have not been disclosed by the applicant, thus increasing the effectiveness of the Previous Employer verification.
  • Third, it provides a residence history and other names that may have been associated with the Social Security number being searched. This is valuable information when doing a Criminal History Search -- names and counties of residence may be exposed that the applicant deliberately or inadvertently concealed.
  • Fourth, Employment Credit Reports often yield information about your candidates' Civil Litigation history.
  • Finally, the Employment Credit report may indicate that the Social Security number being searched is being used by more than one person or that your candidate has more than one Social Security Number associated with his or her credit record, indicating the need for further research.
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Driving Record

Do you have employees who drive as a part of their job? If you do, it is vital that you verify that your candidates have a valid license before you hire them. Don't waste your time hiring personnel that can't be insured, or that have a history of alcohol violations and other high risk behaviors! Motor Vehicle Reports provide the following information:

  • Driver's License status
  • History of accidents
  • Violation details
  • Current number of 'Points' your candidate has against his or her record
In addition, the Motor Vehicle Report can be a valuable supplement to your Criminal Background Check by revealing new locations to search and previously undiscovered vehicle-related crimes.

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Drug Testing

The Source has partnered with a national Drug Screening corporation and through that association can provide a number of services related to drug testing.

  • Test for Marijuana/THC, Cocaine, Phencyclidine, Opiates, Amphetamines/Methamphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Methadone and Propoxyphene
  • Results back in as little as 1 hour after the collection
  • Thousands of collection sites in the United States and Canada, so sample collection is simple.
  • All testing complies with DOT standards
  • Status and results can be tracked via the Web.
  • All costs for Medical Review Officers are included
  • All invoicing is done through The Source for simplified administration.
  • Clients can request 5 or 9 panel tests
  • We can also provide many other substance abuse services, such as educational programs, abuse prevention programs, rehabilitation and random testing.

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Civil Search

Civil Litigation Checks can tell you a lot about a person's reliability and responsibility level. A person with a great number of judgements against them may be the unfortunate victim of circumstance, or they may be a person who lacks the skills to resolve life problems!

Much like a Criminal Background Check, the only way to do an accurate Civil Litigation Check is to go to the Primary Sources--that is, the County Courts themselves. We contact each county where your applicant has worked, lived or gone to school. In conjunction with an Employment Credit Report (which can also reveal litigation), a Civil Litigation Check is a valuable tool that helps you hire the most appropriate candidate possible!


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Federal Search

Federal crimes include such things as

  • Mail fraud
  • Interstate transportation of stolen goods
  • Identity Theft
  • Many other types of 'white-collar' crime
They are not tracked on a local level, but rather through the Federal Judiciary system.  Federal searches are done nationwide--all federal districts are searched for one low price!


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Social Security Trace

The Social Security Trace is handy on a number of levels. It provides a history of addresses that the applicant has used to apply for credit. These addresses can then be used to provide a more thorough Criminal Background Check.


The Social Security Trace may provide other information as well. For instance, if the Social Security Number returned in the Address Update does not match that given by the applicant or multiple Social Security Numbers attached to your applicant's name are returned, further investigation may be warranted.


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Social Security Validation

Social Security Validation is the process of determining whether the Social Security Number given by your applicant is in fact a valid number. Through this service we learn:

  • If the Social Security Number was actually issued by the Social Security Administration
  • If the number in question belongs to deceased person. Stolen identities are frequently revealed through this data alone.
  • What state the number was issued in
  • What year the number was issued

This is not the same as running a search through E-Verify, which can only be done post-hire, but the information gleaned from Social Security Validation is valuable indeed.


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Sex Offender Search

The Sex Offender Search scans a National Database for the most dangerous Sexual Predators. Some states also provide mechanisms for searching for less violent offenders as well. This search is essential for jobs involving children or the elderly.

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Professional License Verification

The Source provides Professional Licensing and Accreditation services in a manner similar to its Criminal Background Checks - by going to the Primary Source. In the case or Professional License verifications this means contacting the licensing agency directly. This is the only way to guarantee an accurate, up to date verification. In most cases we can verify:

  • License Status
  • Expiration dates
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Restrictions

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